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Survey Says Archives for 2017-09


Survey Says! The average one of these weighs over a million pounds. What is it? Answer: A cloud!


Survey Says! Employees are happier and get more promotions if they have this in their office. What is it? Answer: Plants!


Survey Says! When it comes to eating hot dogs, the #1 fixin' is mustard, followed by ketchup at #2, and onions at #3. What's #4? Answer: Chili!


Survey Says! Whenever you do this, you do it for about 8 minutes on average. What is it? Answer: Take a shower!


Survey Says! 51% of single people said this is the best way to attract someone. What is it? Answer: Smile!


Survey Says! On average, Americans do this 500 hours more per year than the French do. What is it? Answer: Work!


Survey Says! A recent survey says that 16% of people break up with someone because they don't have this quality. What is it? Answer: A sense of humor!


Survey Says! You'll do this about 70 thousand times in a lifetime. What is it? Answer: Sneeze!


Survey Says! 16% of drivers on the road this morning are doing this. What? Answer: Eating breakfast!


Survey Says! Women complain about this at work nine times more often than men. What is it? Answer: The temperature!


Survey Says! The average woman spends $900 on this each year, while the average man only spends $200 on it. What? Answer: Their hair!


Survey Says! The average person will do this about 100 times a day. What is it? Answer: Check the time!


Survey Says! This sporting good item outsells footballs, baseballs, and basketballs combined in the US. What is it? Answer: Frisbees!


Survey Says! This country is visited each year by more tourists than any other country. Answer: France.


Survey Says! 25 years ago the average household spent 17 minutes a day doing this, today it's 8 minutes. What is it? Answer: The dishes!


Survey Says! In a new survey of biggest fears, this was number one. What is it? Answer: Heights!


Survey Says! What starts out black, turns red, then is gray? Answer: Charcoal!

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