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Survey Says Archives for 2017-03


Survey Says! Over 9% of people surveyed say this is their favorite household chore. What is it? Answer: Taking out the trash!


Survey Says! When asked which spring activity we're looking forward to most, 20% of us say this. What is it? Answer: Riding a bike!


Survey Says! Americans owe a combined $1.16 trillion for what? Answer: Our vehicles!


Survey Says! When a hurricane is getting ready to hit, Walmart says it's top selling item is this. What? Answer: Beer!


Survey Says! According to research, the average mom says this just over 120 times a year. What is it? Answer: Clean your room!


Survey Says! By age 44, more than 80% of women have done what? Answer: Given birth.


Survey Says! Kids eat 15 pounds of this each year. What? Answer: Cereal!


Survey Says! Studies show you're likely to make more than $2000 extra per year if you have this trait. What is it? Answer: Being left handed!


Survey Says! What large American city dyes it's river green to celebrate St. Patricks Day? Answer: Chicago


Survey Says! Members of this profession receive more speeding tickets than any other. What? Answer: Doctors!


Survey Says! 40% of American adults say they think they look more attractive when they wear these. What? Answer: Sunglasses


Survey Says! While you might think it's pretty common, two thirds of people have never experienced this. What is it? Answer: Snow!


Survey Says! 1 in 3 American adults have one of these in their bedroom. What? Answer: A stuffed animal!


Survey Says! Nearly 20% of American men have one of these. That's up from 14% just 5 years ago. What? Answer: A beard!


Survey Says! According to a survey of men, about 25% intentionally do this poorly so they can get out of it in the future. What is it? Answer: Dishes!


Survey Says! Valentina Tereshkova made history as the first woman to do what? Answer: Go into space.


Survey Says! 28% of Americans think it would be easier to go without this for a week than to file their taxes. What is it? Answer: A Smartphone!


Survey Says! 10% of us will spend our tax return on this. What? Answer: A vacation!


Survey Says! This is our largest organ. What? Answer: The skin!


Survey Says! The average American consumes about 11 pounds of this per year. The typical resident of China just 3 ounces. What is it? answer: Chocolate!


Survey says! About a third of little girls want to be a princess. One in seven little boys want to be what? Answer: A cowboy!

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