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Survey Says Archives for 2017-02


Survey says! According to a survey, 20% of people use the cup holder in their car for this. What? Answer: Trash!


Survey Says! The most unusual thing people say they put ketchup on is fried chicken followed by this. What? Answer: Scrambled eggs!


Survey Says! Gone with the wind was the first best picture Oscar winner with what distinction? Answer: The first color film.


Survey Says! This was the 1st movie based on a board game. What? Answer: Clue!


Survey Says! Three quarters of us say our patience for this is only one minute. What? Answer: Being on hold!


Survey Says! According to a survey, this is the # 1 thing people in the office argue about. What is it? Answer: The temperature!


Survey Says! A new survey says women own an average of 24 of these. What? Answer: Pairs of shoes.


Survey Says! Almost 30% of Americans have at least one of these. What? Answer: A tattoo!


Survey Says! If you're average, you'll have looked at this for 30 hours by Christmas. What? Answer: The inside of your refrigerator!


Survey says! 6 million couples are likely to do this today. What? Answer: Get engaged!


Survey Says! This travels 3.1 miles an hour. What? Answer: A snowflake!


Survey Says! 40% of women are apparently dreading this in 2017. What? Answer: Valentines Day!


Survey Says! Today is National Pizza Day! What's the most popular pizza topping in America? Answer: Pepperoni!


Survey Says! On average, we do this every year and a half. What? Answer: Buy a new cell phone.


Survey Says! People in big cities waste 4 days a year doing this. What? Answer:Looking for parking.


Survey Says! These will injure almost 200,000 women this year. What? Answer: High Heels!


Survey Says! The halftime show in 2007 starred an artist who's no longer with us. Do you remember who? Answer: Prince.


Survey Says! According to a study, this one thing in your house gets used more than any other item you have. What is it? Answer: The TV remote!


Survey Says! It's one of America's favorite foods, because 9 out of 10 of us love to eat it. What is it? Answer: Popcorn!

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