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Survey Says Archives for 2017-01


Survey Says! The average person has 9 of these. What? Answer: Keys!


Survey Says! If you're average, you'll do this 5 times today. What? Answer: Yawn!


Survey Says! 11% of married couples say they met here.Where? Answer: The gym!


Survey Says! The # 1 chore that people hate in the kitchen is what? Answer: Cleaning the oven!


Survey Says! This is the #1 item people are most likely to buy in the wrong size. What is it? Answer: Gloves!


Survey Says! In The Blues Brothers, John Belushi's character takes his nickname from what Illinois town? Answer:Joliet!


In the NFL, Baltimore has one, as does Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. New England Doesn't, neither does Minnesota, Tennessee or Pitsburgh. What is it? Answer: Teams named after animals!


Survey Says! 62% of Americans will have what in their front yard at least twice a year. What? Answer: The American flag!


Survey Says! About 21% of kids said that if they were to become President, they would do this everyday. What? Answer: Eat ice cream!


Survey Says! Actor Kevin Costner turns 62 today. Before hitting it big, Kevin Costner worked at what major tourist attraction? Answer: Disneyland.


Survey Says! The three most borrowed items in the U.S. are pens, lighters and What? Answer: Jumper Cables!


Survey Says! According to a survey, 25% of employees have done this during a meeting at work. What is it? Answer: Fallen Asleep!


Survey Says! The average person thinks a good one of these should last 26 seconds. What is it? Answer; A Kiss!


Survey Says! Alexander Hamilton is currently on the $10 bill, but what was the first currency to feature him? Answer: The $2 bill.


Survey Says! George Foreman's five sons have what odd trait in common? Answer: They're all named George!


Survey Says! After your own home, what's the most popular place to eat breakfast? Answer: The car!


Survey Says! Nearly one quarter of us say we don't want this on our burger. What is it? Answer: A bun!


Survey Says! Before someone buys it, over 2 dozen people will touch it. What? Answer: A greeting card!


Survey Says! According to a recent survey, this is the #1 item Americans keep in their junk drawer. What? Answer:Rubber bands!


Survey Says! 65% of fathers refuse to allow their children to touch this. What is it? Answer: The thermostat!

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