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Survey Says Archives for 2016-12


Survey Says! 58% of adults don't know how to do this when it comes to a car. What? answer: Drive a stick shift!


Survey Says! 56% of adults would rather be late for work than to go without this. What? Coffee!


Survey Says! Nearly 40% of us see this everyday, but can't remember what it is. What is it? Answer: Licence plate number!


Survey Says! 20 million people wear these daily. What is it? Answer: Dentures!


Survey Says! Today is Boxing Day in some countries. What country did Boxing Day originate in? Answer: England.


Survey Says! Back in 2009, Barbie got an accessory that caused a lot of controversy. What was it? Answer: A tattoo!


Survey Says! The lack of this among American workers is costing businesses $411 billion in productivity each year. What is it? Answer: Sleep!


Survey Says! You'll do this about 6 times on any given day. What? Answer: Wash your hands!


Survey Says! 17% of drivers admit to not doing this. What? Answer: Using their turn signals!


Survey Says! Game show host and animal activist Bob Barker turns 91 today. Which Adam Sandler film featured Bob Barker? Answer: Happy Gilmore!


Survey Says! 73% of people have recycled this gift. What is it? Answer: Candles!


Survey Says! 82% of people will buy this during the holiday season. What is it? Answer: Scotch Tape!

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