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Survey Says Archives for 2016-11


Survey Says! 5,500 square feet is the size of the average American what? Answer: Yard.


Survey Says! Each year enough of this product is sold to make over 4 billion servings of potato salad. What is it? Answer: Miracle Whip!


Survey Says! A new study says that if your parents are bad at this, you probably are too. What is it? Answer: Driving!


Survey Says! 80% of holiday shoppers have already bought a gift for this person. Who is it? Answer: Themselves!


Survey Says! 40% of Thanksgiving gatherings will have one of these. What is it? Answer: A kids table!


Survey Says! The average adult makes this purchase every two and a half years. What are they buying? Answer: Tires!


Survey Says! Before they were sold nationally, this classic breakfast treat was tested in Cleveland in 1963. What is it? Answer: Pop Tarts!


Survey Says! 30% of people who don't do this in the morning say they feel guilty about it later in the day. What is it? Answer: Make their bed!


Survey Says! There are twice as many of these as there are people in the United States. What? Answer: Credit Cards!


Survey Says! 20% of American homes have one of these in it. What is it? Answer: A fireplace!


Survey Says! 35% of people say they eat this once a week. What? Answer: Salad.


Survey Says! If they have one, 22% of women never mention this on a first date. What is it? Answer: Their cat!


Survey Says! 70% of people who have one of these, say it helps them stay fit. What is it? Answer: A dog!


Survey Says! For the average adult, there are only 3 days a month they do not do this. What is it? Answer: Spend money!


Survey Says! 27% of singles won't date someone who doesn't do this. What? Vote!


Survey Says! More than 95% of employees say it's important for their boss to have this. What is it?





Answer: A sense of humor!


Survey Says! For 12% of Americans, this is the first thing they do when they get home from work. What is it?



Answer: Check the mail!


Survey Says! 56% of women think a man who has this skill is sexy. What is it?





Answer: Cook!


Survey Says! What game, originally called pretzel, was first intrduced as a beach game?




Answer: Twister!


Survey Says! Most people have over a hundred of these, but they only use about ten of them. What is it? 
Answer: T.V. Channels!

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