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Survey Says! Robin Williams character Mork came from Ork...but where did he live on Earth? Answer: Colorado.


Survey Says! This is the national animal of Scotland. What? Answer: The Unicorn!


Survey Says! Almost 30% of people in America have 2 of these. What? Answer: Jobs!


Survey Says! 67% of people say they own one of these outside items. What is it? Answer: A grill!


Survey Says! Close to 10% of us do this every year. Even though most of us hate doiing it. What? Answer: Moving!


Survey Says! 20% of people never do this when dining out. What is it? Answer: Tip!


Survey Says! Today is National French Fries Day. What president is credited with bringing french fries to America? Answer: Thomas Jefferson.


Survey Says! 90% of adults use this while driving. What is it? Answer: Seat belts!


Survey Says! According to a new survey, 43% of American's will not be doing this at all this summer. What is it? Answer: Going on vacation!


Survey Says! What was the name of the first U.S. space station? Answer: Skylab.


Survey Says! This food is eaten over 800 times a second during the summer months. What is it? Answer: Hot dogs!


Survey Says! The average American will use one one of these 81 times this year. What is it? Answer: An ATM!


Survey Says! Which American state eats more tins of Spam per person than any other? answer: Hawaii!


Survey Says! 68% of us will be doing this on the 4th of July. What? Answer: Having a cook-out!


Survey Says! According to NASA, this is the brightest spot on earth from space. What is it? Answer: The Vegas Strip!


Survey Says! 22% of us lie about using this product. What is it? Answer: Dental floss!


Survey Says! This animal has the fastest metabolism. What is it? Answer: Hummimngbird!


Survey Says! 30% of people have hit this with their car. What? Answer: Mailbox!


67% of Americans feel safer doing this in the summertime. What? Answer: Driving!


Survey Says! This is usually the oldest item you will find in someones refigerator. What is it? answer: Salad dressing.


Survey Says! 40% of people say they do this every night. What? Answer: Dream!


Survey Says! What future star played the brother of Meredith Baxter Birney's Family Ties character? Answer: Tom Hanks.


Survey Says! According to a study, people use this one thing in the house more than anything else. What is it? Answer: The T,V. remote.


Survey Says! Garfield made it's debut 39 years ago today. What's the name of Garfield's canine sidekick? Answer: Odie!


SurveySays! What does the D.C. stand for in D.C. comics? Answer: Detective Comics.


Survey Says! This food wasn't always considered a delicasy. What is it? Answer: Lobster!


Survey Says! 1 out of every 5 of these get stolen. What? Answer: Hotel towels!


Survey Says! The average woman spends 400 hours a year doing this. What? Answer: Shopping!


Survey Says! George H.W. Bush marked his 90th birthday with what outing usually reserved for younger folks? Answer: Skydiving!


Survey Says! The average person will eat one of these in 6.1 bites. What? Answer: A hot dog!


Survey Says! 97% of us say we do this better than others. What? Answer: Drive!


Survey Says! The average person does this close to 290 hours a year. What is it? Answer: Drives!


Survey Says! The average American will walk about 4 miles a year doing this. What is it? answer: Making the bed!


Survey Says! Men are twice as likely not to use this product. What is it? Answer: Sunscreen!


Survey says! When you were a kid, what was most likely to make your dad angry? Nearly one third of us said the same thing. What was it? Answer: Leaving the lights on!


Survey Says! Early in his career, Morgan Freeman starred on a childrens show. Which one? Answer: The Electric Company.


Survey Says! 85% of married couples say doing this daily activity together improves their relationship. What is it? Answer: Cooking!

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Survey Says! Clint Eastwood had his first big screen speaking part in a movie starring Francis, a talking what? Answer: Mule!


Survey Says! According to a recent study, during leisure time, people who do this rather than watch TV are gereally more kind and understanding. What is it? Answer: Read!


Survey Says! Mike Myers played Wayne in the Wayne's World movies, what was Waynes last name? Answer: Campbell.


Survey Says! 55% of moms always have this on them when you need them. what is it? Answer: Tissues!


Survey Says! 25 million bottles of this were sold annually from the 1960's to the 1990's, but now we rarely see it anywhere. What is it? Answer: White Out, correction fluid or Liquid Paper.


Survey Says! More than half of all women have one with them right now. What is it? Answer: A mirror!


Survey Says! What is the only Great Lake that does not border Canada? Answer: Lake Michigan.


Survey Says! On average, we eat 36% more calories than on a normal day while we are at this place. Where is it? Answer: The movie theater


Survey Says! Almost 40% of children who go to summer camp this year they say will get this. What? Poison ivy.


Survey Says! On average, most people only clean this about 3 times a year. What is it? Answer: The refrigerator!


Survey Says! There are 66 million of these machines in the U.S. What are they? Answer: Lawn Mowers!


Survey Says! 90% of adults use this on a daily basis while driving. What is it? Answer: Seat belts!


Survey Says! What is the most popular board game of all time? Answer: Chess!


Survey Says! Most of this is consumed between the hours of 9pm and 11pm. What is it? Answer: Ice cream!


Survey Says! This interstate highway travels through the most states. what is it? Answer: I-95.


Survey Says! What legendary race horse still holds the record for fastest-run Kentucky Derby? Answer: Secretariat.


Survey Says! This is the most popular syndicated show on TV, with tens of millions of viewers everyday. What is it? Answer: Wheel Of Fortune!


Survey Says! This is the only state you can type with one row of keys on the keyboard. What is it? Answer: Alaska!


Survey Says! Sales of this snack goes up nearly 65% in the summer. What is it? Answer: Cracker Jacks!


Survey Says! There's a one in 10 chance that a grain of rice grown in the U. S. will be used in what? Answer: Beer!


Survey Says! This is a womans favorite sport to play on a date. What? Answer: Miniature golf!


Survey Says! Kate Hudson followed her famous mom into acting. What's her name? Answer: Goldie Hawn.


Survey Says! 59% of mothers told their children this when they were little. What is it? Answer: Don't cross your eyes!


Survey Says! According to a survey of peoples fears, a fear of flying is the most common, followed by this. What? Answer: Public speaking!


Survey Says! Over 75% of women secretly save money for this. What is it? answer: Shoes!


Survey says! A new survey says that 69% of us plan to spring clean this. What? Answer: Windows!


Survey Says! In 1975, only 2% of brides kept this. Now, it's more like 29%. What? Answer: Their maiden name.


Survey Says! The average man has 11 of these, while the average woman has only 5. What? Answer: Hats!


Survey Says! At any given hour, an average of 72,000 people are doing this in the United States. What? Answer: Flying.


Survey Says! In it's first 4 months of sales in 1958, over 25 million of these were sold. What is it? Answer: Hula hoops!


Survey Says! According to a study, adults do this 17 times a day, but it does depend on your personality. What is it? Answer: Laugh!


Survey Says! The average cost of this event is around $919 per person. What? Answer: Prom!


Survey Says! Adults with this daily habit started it, on average, at the age of 14. What is it? Answer: Drinking coffee!


Survey Says! 70% of people who do this in the morning do it at home, while 16% do it in the car, and 14% do it at work. What is it? Answer: Eat Breakfast!


Survey Says! Almost 1 in 5 people have no idea if their car has this. What? Answer: A spare tire!


Survey Says! What don't casinos in Las Vegas have inside their locations? Answer: Clocks!


Survey says! According to a poll, guys under 30 are the least likely to use this summertime staple. What is it? Answer: Sunglasses!


Survey Says! More cell phones are lost in this place than anywere else. Where? Answer: Grocery store!

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