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Survey Says! When a hurricane is getting ready to hit, Walmart says it's top selling item is this. What? Answer: Beer!


Survey Says! According to research, the average mom says this just over 120 times a year. What is it? Answer: Clean your room!


Survey Says! By age 44, more than 80% of women have done what? Answer: Given birth.


Survey Says! Kids eat 15 pounds of this each year. What? Answer: Cereal!


Survey Says! Studies show you're likely to make more than $2000 extra per year if you have this trait. What is it? Answer: Being left handed!


Survey Says! What large American city dyes it's river green to celebrate St. Patricks Day? Answer: Chicago


Survey Says! Members of this profession receive more speeding tickets than any other. What? Answer: Doctors!


Survey Says! 40% of American adults say they think they look more attractive when they wear these. What? Answer: Sunglasses


Survey Says! While you might think it's pretty common, two thirds of people have never experienced this. What is it? Answer: Snow!


Survey Says! 1 in 3 American adults have one of these in their bedroom. What? Answer: A stuffed animal!


Survey Says! Nearly 20% of American men have one of these. That's up from 14% just 5 years ago. What? Answer: A beard!


Survey Says! According to a survey of men, about 25% intentionally do this poorly so they can get out of it in the future. What is it? Answer: Dishes!


Survey Says! Valentina Tereshkova made history as the first woman to do what? Answer: Go into space.


Survey Says! 28% of Americans think it would be easier to go without this for a week than to file their taxes. What is it? Answer: A Smartphone!


Survey Says! 10% of us will spend our tax return on this. What? Answer: A vacation!


Survey Says! This is our largest organ. What? Answer: The skin!


Survey Says! The average American consumes about 11 pounds of this per year. The typical resident of China just 3 ounces. What is it? answer: Chocolate!


Survey says! About a third of little girls want to be a princess. One in seven little boys want to be what? Answer: A cowboy!


Survey says! According to a survey, 20% of people use the cup holder in their car for this. What? Answer: Trash!


Survey Says! The most unusual thing people say they put ketchup on is fried chicken followed by this. What? Answer: Scrambled eggs!


Survey Says! Gone with the wind was the first best picture Oscar winner with what distinction? Answer: The first color film.


Survey Says! This was the 1st movie based on a board game. What? Answer: Clue!


Survey Says! Three quarters of us say our patience for this is only one minute. What? Answer: Being on hold!


Survey Says! According to a survey, this is the # 1 thing people in the office argue about. What is it? Answer: The temperature!


Survey Says! A new survey says women own an average of 24 of these. What? Answer: Pairs of shoes.


Survey Says! Almost 30% of Americans have at least one of these. What? Answer: A tattoo!


Survey Says! If you're average, you'll have looked at this for 30 hours by Christmas. What? Answer: The inside of your refrigerator!


Survey says! 6 million couples are likely to do this today. What? Answer: Get engaged!


Survey Says! This travels 3.1 miles an hour. What? Answer: A snowflake!


Survey Says! 40% of women are apparently dreading this in 2017. What? Answer: Valentines Day!


Survey Says! Today is National Pizza Day! What's the most popular pizza topping in America? Answer: Pepperoni!


Survey Says! On average, we do this every year and a half. What? Answer: Buy a new cell phone.


Survey Says! People in big cities waste 4 days a year doing this. What? Answer:Looking for parking.


Survey Says! These will injure almost 200,000 women this year. What? Answer: High Heels!


Survey Says! The halftime show in 2007 starred an artist who's no longer with us. Do you remember who? Answer: Prince.


Survey Says! According to a study, this one thing in your house gets used more than any other item you have. What is it? Answer: The TV remote!


Survey Says! It's one of America's favorite foods, because 9 out of 10 of us love to eat it. What is it? Answer: Popcorn!


Survey Says! The average person has 9 of these. What? Answer: Keys!


Survey Says! If you're average, you'll do this 5 times today. What? Answer: Yawn!


Survey Says! 11% of married couples say they met here.Where? Answer: The gym!


Survey Says! The # 1 chore that people hate in the kitchen is what? Answer: Cleaning the oven!


Survey Says! This is the #1 item people are most likely to buy in the wrong size. What is it? Answer: Gloves!


Survey Says! In The Blues Brothers, John Belushi's character takes his nickname from what Illinois town? Answer:Joliet!


In the NFL, Baltimore has one, as does Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. New England Doesn't, neither does Minnesota, Tennessee or Pitsburgh. What is it? Answer: Teams named after animals!


Survey Says! 62% of Americans will have what in their front yard at least twice a year. What? Answer: The American flag!


Survey Says! About 21% of kids said that if they were to become President, they would do this everyday. What? Answer: Eat ice cream!


Survey Says! Actor Kevin Costner turns 62 today. Before hitting it big, Kevin Costner worked at what major tourist attraction? Answer: Disneyland.


Survey Says! The three most borrowed items in the U.S. are pens, lighters and What? Answer: Jumper Cables!


Survey Says! According to a survey, 25% of employees have done this during a meeting at work. What is it? Answer: Fallen Asleep!


Survey Says! The average person thinks a good one of these should last 26 seconds. What is it? Answer; A Kiss!


Survey Says! Alexander Hamilton is currently on the $10 bill, but what was the first currency to feature him? Answer: The $2 bill.


Survey Says! George Foreman's five sons have what odd trait in common? Answer: They're all named George!


Survey Says! After your own home, what's the most popular place to eat breakfast? Answer: The car!


Survey Says! Nearly one quarter of us say we don't want this on our burger. What is it? Answer: A bun!


Survey Says! Before someone buys it, over 2 dozen people will touch it. What? Answer: A greeting card!


Survey Says! According to a recent survey, this is the #1 item Americans keep in their junk drawer. What? Answer:Rubber bands!


Survey Says! 65% of fathers refuse to allow their children to touch this. What is it? Answer: The thermostat!


Survey Says! 58% of adults don't know how to do this when it comes to a car. What? answer: Drive a stick shift!


Survey Says! 56% of adults would rather be late for work than to go without this. What? Coffee!


Survey Says! Nearly 40% of us see this everyday, but can't remember what it is. What is it? Answer: Licence plate number!


Survey Says! 20 million people wear these daily. What is it? Answer: Dentures!


Survey Says! Today is Boxing Day in some countries. What country did Boxing Day originate in? Answer: England.


Survey Says! Back in 2009, Barbie got an accessory that caused a lot of controversy. What was it? Answer: A tattoo!


Survey Says! The lack of this among American workers is costing businesses $411 billion in productivity each year. What is it? Answer: Sleep!


Survey Says! You'll do this about 6 times on any given day. What? Answer: Wash your hands!


Survey Says! 17% of drivers admit to not doing this. What? Answer: Using their turn signals!


Survey Says! Game show host and animal activist Bob Barker turns 91 today. Which Adam Sandler film featured Bob Barker? Answer: Happy Gilmore!


Survey Says! 73% of people have recycled this gift. What is it? Answer: Candles!


Survey Says! 82% of people will buy this during the holiday season. What is it? Answer: Scotch Tape!


Survey Says! 5,500 square feet is the size of the average American what? Answer: Yard.


Survey Says! Each year enough of this product is sold to make over 4 billion servings of potato salad. What is it? Answer: Miracle Whip!


Survey Says! A new study says that if your parents are bad at this, you probably are too. What is it? Answer: Driving!


Survey Says! 80% of holiday shoppers have already bought a gift for this person. Who is it? Answer: Themselves!


Survey Says! 40% of Thanksgiving gatherings will have one of these. What is it? Answer: A kids table!


Survey Says! The average adult makes this purchase every two and a half years. What are they buying? Answer: Tires!

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